Saturday, March 01, 2008

Now She Knows How Conservatives Feel

I actually feel a little bit sorry for Hillary Clinton.

For years and years, I've been convinced that most reporters for national news outlets (aka the Main Stream Media or MSM) since they personally lean left politically, cannot help but slant their news reporting to the left.

Of course these media types will and do deny this, but they are finally doing it to one of their own, Hillary Clinton.

A year ago, Hillary Clinton was considered by everyone in the Democratic Party, and liberals (or "progressives") in general, to be pretty much a shoo-in for the Democratic Nominee for the 2008 US Presidential Election.

But then came Barak Obama. Phenomenon.

Then things started going South really quick for the Clinton campaign.

The types of attacks that have resulted in Bill and Hillary Clinton being called, even in the liberal leaning media, experts at the "politics of personal destruction" have simply bounced off Senator Obama.

You can see it in the increasingly strident and even silly attacks leveled against him by the once darlings of the American left.

But Obama seems to be impervious to these types of things.

The Clinton camp allegedly released a photo of Senator Obama dressing up in traditional Kenyan clothing, hoping that a similar uproar of laughter, or fear of him "really" being muslim would take Mr. Obama down a couple of pegs.

Like water off a duck's back, people. Like water off a duck's back.

He's just NOT the type of person that these silly types of things work against, and the Clinton campaign keeps on trying.

But now, the media is itself enthralled with Senator Obama.

The people who loved and protected the Clintons for over 15 years now have turned against them because the new kid on the block is handsome and articulate. He looks great in a suit and has a commanding speaking voice. It's as if James Earl Jones is overdubbing his voice or something.

For months now, as Obama speaks, and for a long time the speeches had no meat content whatsoever, people have treated him like a rock star. Women faint. Photos of people trying to touch the man show the people's faces to be filled with such adoration it makes me want to puke. No human has ever made me act or feel the way Obama's empty words seem to make these people feel.

Make no mistake, these people love the man, and have forgotten about Hillary Clinton's campaign.

In fact, the masses of Democrats, along with the complicit media are now trying to pressure Mrs. Clinton just to give up.

This must be an awfully bitter pill for the Clintons to swallow.

Here they were, the leaders of the Democratic machine in America, and now their own have turned against them and stared eating them alive.

Hillary has gone from 1st in line to The Throne, to being attacked by liberals who loved her only six months ago.

Such is the capricious nature of the American people.

The same arms that hugged Hillary Clinton with love six months ago are now delivering uppercuts to her at every turn.

A new kid has moved into the neighborhood, and the Clinton's old football is being kicked aside in favor of the new kid's brand new Official NFL football.

You can see such desperation in the eyes of the Clintons and their faithful followers, but I can tell you it's almost over for them.

None of their dirty tricks work any more, the media is in love with the new kid, and they are getting nasty because Hillary hasn't gotten the message that they don't want her and Bill playing with them any more.

But all this bad treatment that is now being heaped upon Hillary is very recognizable to those of us who are conservatives. It's how the media has treated us and the conservatives in the public eye for decades.

I really though that Hillary might rally and be able to still give Obama a good run, but two things have convinced me that the Clinton presidential campaign is on borrowed time.

One: when I started seeing people like TV host Chris Matthews describe his rapture of hearing Senator Obama speak, and telling how, as Obama spoke, that he (Matthews) got this old familiar tingling running up one of his legs, and he (Matthews) KNEW he was hearing something great, I understood that if even these supposed hard-nosed journalist types loved Obama for the feelings he engendered in them rather than any substance to the man or his speeches, then Hillary didn't have a chance. She simply doesn't have enough of a decent personality to match that. When a man can get millions to love him for 45 minute speeches where he says nothing of substance or meaning other than to have the hearers gush with feelings, how can anyone match that? They can't.

Two: the other day I saw a photo that was all over news stories on the internet, about Hillary Clinton. When I saw that the major news sources were willfully showing this picture of Mrs. Clinton, I KNEW her campaign was dead. Hillary's campaign is over as far as I'm concerned.

The photo? Right here:

When the media that used to love her start running photos like that of her, she's DONE.

Mrs. Clinton? Now you know how conservatives feel when we see a news article about conservatives; we're used to that kind of treatment by the media.


Big Doofus said...

Do you ever read The Pearcy Report? You'd probably like it.

Beverly said...

Great comments about the situation.

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