Sunday, March 02, 2008

Picture Post, Sunday March 2, 2008

Hope all is well with you folks. I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting and commenting on your blogs as I would like to lately.

I'll try to catch up in the coming days and see what y'all have been doing, blog-wise.

These first two shots were taken on the beach in Melbourne Beach, Florida in December. I went back through my photos of the past two months and found that I really liked both of these, though they aren't anything special. I just like the vibe of the late afternoon sunlight in them.

These past three are a few more of my moon photos from the night of the big eclipse a week or so ago.

I finally had a chance to go through all the ones that I took that night, and found a couple that were sharp enough for me to crop them a lot, resulting in a nice, big moon.

The first one here isn't clear enough to crop like the other two, but I really like how it looks with the eclipse this far along.

Have a great Sunday folks!

I'll be around to see y'all soon.

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Sharon Lynne said...

The moon pictures are beautiful, and mysterious. I'm going back, right now, to look at them again.