Sunday, March 30, 2008

Picture Post, Sunday March 30, 2008

The Indian River Lagoon in the afternoon sunlight. From Castaway Point Park in Palm Bay, Florida.

I love this sloppy looking old bait store in Melbourne Beach, Florida; hand written signs, American flag, and all. Places like this are disappearing very, very fast around here. As this area of Florida gets more and more upscale, the property taxes usually get the small guys like this in the end and they sell their place, only to have the new owners bulldoze it and put up something else, with more glitz and glamor.

Although it stays green year 'round here, we still get our own bits of new green like everyone else. I love the shade of new green leaves on this tree.

Just a bit of the red evening sun poked through the clouds here.

A gang of pelicans riding the stiff breeze along the Atlantic Ocean one evening. They can ride the wind for long stretches without flapping their wings. I like to watch and see how long they float against the wind before flapping to regain some speed.

Have a great Sunday!

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