Monday, September 15, 2008

Eating Veggies Shrinks the Brain

If eating vegetables shrinks the brain, I wonder if, conversely, not eating your vegetables makes your brain bigger.

I come from a family that, when they do occasionally eat vegetables, they are "simmered to aych-ee-double-hockey-sticks." And a half a cup of bacon grease cooking in there to give 'em some flavor.

I have to actually think, "I NEED to eat some vegetables." That is, unless we have some fresh, home grown 'maters around the house. I love me some 'maters.

But I read this story and wondered, if, my not eating much vegetables is the reason I have such a massive cranium.

Could be.


Norma said...

I love veggies. I eat 5-6 a day.

Babystepper said...

Makes you wonder, huh? I think you might've just stumbled on an answer.

JAM said...

Actually, I do eat more vegetables than I let on here. A little hyperbole.