Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Worry

I got a semi-frantic call from Sainted Mother yesterday evening.

Palm Bay was right then on CNN showing homes burning and dramatic helicopter shots of various fires in the area.

The headline across the screen said "Homes Burning in Palm Bay, Florida" and she was naturally worried about her little chicks, one of whom lives in Palm Bay with his family.

Most of the fires are at least 5 miles or so from our home and south of us, so that the typical easterly and westerly (night time and day time) winds are tending to keep the fires away from us.

They keep closing I-95, which is a huge deal, but the fires are very close to the highway and the smoke blowing across I-95 is dark gray and thick.

Anyway, I think I got her calmed down, though later at night Lovely Wife talked to her too and hopefully she's no longer so worried.

Palm Bay is a decent sized city of about 110,000, so it's a big area that only small parts are on fire, but that's hard to convince your Mama of when she's 500 miles away.

We're ok so far, and God willing, we'll stay out of the fire's paths.

We're mostly affected by the closed highway, which Lovely Wife and I both use to get to our jobs. Going though town's a bummer, both in time and gasoline consumption.

It usually starts getting rainy in the afternoons here around the beginning of June. Hopefully the summer afternoon rains will start early this year. We sure could use the rain.


Babystepper said...

Praying for rain for you.

photowannabe said...

Hi John, thanks for the update. I was thinking about you when I read the location of your fires. So glad you are safe.
Praying for rain.