Sunday, August 16, 2009

Amazing Miracle Flying Earthworms!

We might be getting some unwanted visitors later this week. (Tropical storms Ana and Bill, though they're still way out there.)

So on Saturday I got my dual-titanium-rod-reinforced and fused spine out there on a ladder, assisted by Lovely Wife, and cleaned out our home's gutters.

Well, precisely because of the dual-titanium-rod-reinforced, fused spine, I haven't cleaned the gutters in a LONG time.

How long, you ask?

Long enough that the bottom layer of leaves in the gutters had turned to something almost like soil, and these layers were home to an impressive population of EARTHWORMS.

Not kidding here, big, fat, juicy, perfect-for-fishing earthworms. Living 8 feet off the ground in our home's rain gutters.

How long has it been since you cleaned YOUR gutters?

Y'all might have some critters living up there like us and not even know it.

It was quite a job, and by the time we were almost through, I finally got weak from the work and climbing up and down the ladder 400 times. Plus my back was screaming at me by then, so Lovely Wife took over the dirty duty.

Much to our delight, the last section we were to clean, the gutter above our screened front porch, was devoid of leaves (and worms) and we joyfully washed the ladder and put everything away.

Then I had a nice shower and a couple of Lortab, the screwed-up back's best friend.

But really, how in the heck did earthworms get up in our gutters? Fly? Gotta be a miracle, right?

Since it's Sunday and I used to faithfully post photos on Sunday's here's a couple to hold you. (But I just couldn't wait with the miracle earthworms story.)

Some of y'all might want to take off your shoes and wiggle the warm white beach sand between your toes...

Or maybe take a stroll by Crane Creek and, on the way, admire one of the local city beautification projects. (I actually like this one.)

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