Thursday, July 28, 2016

Trump Asked Russia To Hack American Government Computers!

Not really.  That was just the catchiest title I could think of.

WARNING! What follows here is a political screed, written by me, John Masters.  If you are thin-skinned, do NOT read this.  This is me angry and letting off steam.  I'm a really nice guy, but even nice guys get mad now and then.  Think of this as me getting my anger out "on paper" and putting it to sea in a bottle.

To  those who feel that "Trump invited Russia to hack into US State Department servers!"

Um, NEWS FLASH!  Trump was engaging in something called "sarcasm" when he "asked" Russia to find Hillary's emails. 
Please, for the love of Pete, Google the meaning of the word "sarcasm."

The word Trump used, FIND, does not, and never will mean, "hack into the United States State Department, or any other US government computers," mainly because...

Hillary's server she used for her emails was NEVER, EVER, EVER part of the U.S. State Department!  Hillary's server she personally had set up in the bathroom closet of a Denver facility (can't make this stuff up folks) used during her disastrous tenure as US Secretary of State WAS PRIVATE, remember? NOT in any way, shape, or form was this PRIVATE SERVER part of any US Government computer system.  I guess the media and the left didn't know or conveniently forget this in their desire for Trump to be "investigated."  That Hillary Clinton in her official capacity, knowingly placed secure US documents on an extremely vulnerable private server was a big part of why she was investigated regarding the emails in the first place.  

The irony here is thick enough to need a big man wielding a sharp machete to even scratch the surface of it!

The media, and apparently many Americans, were totally unprepared to handle the concept of someone running for POTUS to use sarcasm. 

The media, and the US political left in general, have always seen themselves as more hip, smarter, and better in every meaningful way than us rubes on the right.  Is it beginning to dawn on you that Donald Trump got under the skin of the media and the left in your hunger to see him go down?

You gotta admit, Trump TOTALLY made the media and the left in general look like the clueless fly-over-country types this time.

Here's the bottom line:

It is IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to go "find" Hillary's emails because:

A.) The server no longer exists.  It hasn't existed for a couple of years now.   It is IMPOSSIBLE to hack a non-existent computer.

B.) According to Hillary, she had deleted the 30,000 emails.  Consequently, even if the server still existed, the emails are gone, because, according to Hillary whom we all know never lies, the 30,000 emails were long ago deleted.

The absolute worst, most serious charge that could possibly be drummed-up and leveled against Donald Trump here is simply that he advocated a foreign nation to break into a private computer server.
I personally think that'll go nowhere.   

But the mainstream in-the-bag-for-Hillary media and the left tend to be pretty vindictive and so, I could be wrong.


Norma said...

Little did we know 11 months ago where this "sarcasm' would lead.

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