Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Micronta 22-214 Multitester (multimeter) User Manual / schematic

A Public Service by your's truly.

I have a copy of the user manual for the 1988-1994 Radio Shack Micronta model 22-214 43 Range, Range Doubler Multitester, Radio Shack's term for what the rest of the world calls a multimeter.

This is a really nice analog multimeter, and I use it fairly often in working on mine and friend's guitars.

There are certain situations in which an analog meter proves to be superior to a digital multimeter.

I won't bore you stupid  by explaining when and where I use an analog meter over a digital one, but I do know that Radio Shack sold many, many, many of this Micronta meter over the years and many are still in use.

BUT, good luck in finding a copy of the user manual!  I googled it and searched links about 10 pages deep and the closest I came to getting a manual for the Micronta 22-214 was 1.) paying a ridiculous price to someone for a .pdf copy, or 2.) malware dangerous web sites that supposedly will let you download a copy of the manual after you download and install their free software.  Jeesh, that's just asking to have your computer ruined.

So, in an extremely minor service to the public, specifically owners of a Micronta 22-214 analog multimeter who want to have a copy of the user manual, I took the time last night to scan mine and created a .pdf and a Microsoft Word document copy of this user manual.

I included a copy of the meter's schematic as the final page of this document, just for completeness.

At the risk of getting myself inundated with requests and trash emails, I'm gonna give my email address to allow folks to request a copy of this user manual that I will then send to them via return email.

The Microsoft Word copy of the Micronta 22-214 user manual is about 13MB, so your email might not allow you to receive a document that big.
The PDF copy is about 5.5MB so is the most likely choice for you to receive via an email.

My email address is mastersja at  Ask for the Micronta 22-214 user manual, and I'll send it along to you as soon as I can.

P.S. I also have a copy of the user manual for the Micronta 22-204, but haven't scanned it.  If you can't find a copy of that meter's manual, let me know and I'll try to scan mine as soon as I can.


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This was my first multimeter. I remember it very well.

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