Monday, November 19, 2012

Tascam DR-07mkii Case (Great Fit)

Public Service Announcement:
Ape Case for the Sony PSP game fits the Tascam DR-07mkii very well.

After years of struggling on my own, I started taking guitar lessons a few weeks ago.

I had learned chords and am a decent strummer and  can play many songs, but I never seemed to be able to get better than that; to figure out how to improvise and begin to play leads or anything with flair.

My instructor  asked me to buy a cheap digital voice recorder for him to sometimes play some chords for me to later practice improvising over.

I tried a voice recorder like used for meetings and recording lectures, but the thing is so tiny I could hardly read the screen and the tiny speaker sounded...tinny.

This is where my eBay addiction comes in handy.

Got a great deal on a Tascam DR-07mkii stereo digital recorder; it's big enough to see the writing on the screen easily and it can be connected to my computer to download and manipulate the recordings.


But, Tascam doesn't make a small padded case for the DR-07mkii.

Being the engineer, I carefully measured the Tascam recorder and went a-searchin' on them thar interwebs for a suitable case for my new electronic friend.

Ape Case makes a small padded case to fit the Sony PSP (Play Station Portable) 2000, 3000, etc., hand-held game device.

Based on several web site's measurements of this case, I ordered one.

The case is perfect for the Tascam DR-07mkii and the two elastic straps inside that are designed to hold the Sony PSP in place also work fine to hold the Tascam recorder in there..  The case also has room to put a USB cable and a couple of other flat-ish items like maybe a USB drive or something.

So, if you are searching the internet for a case for the DR-07mkii, the Ape Case for Sony PSP is a great case to fit the Tascam DR-07mkii along with a few accessories.

Amazon sells the Ape Case for Sony PSP cheaper new than what I could find on eBay.


Norma said...

My husband is trying to teach himself guitar and how to read music at the same time. I've suggested a teacher, but he wants to know something before he starts.

JAM said...

Norma, I wish him good luck.
Learning guitar has been hard enough for me without attempting to read music.
These days there are chord / song books with the chord name written above the word in the lyrics where the chord change is to be make. Learn how to make and play the chords and then you can look at a music book like that and play the song.
Also, just about any song you could possibly want to learn has been "figured out" by someone and put on the internet. Many songs I have learned I found this way and practiced to learn them.
There is also a simple musical notation for guitar called "tablature" that takes just a few days practice to get the hang of, and you get better at reading guitar tablature quickly.
Tablature allows one to "read" and play songs on guitar as complex as with musical notation, but with much, much less pain.
Having said that, learning to read music is a great thing. Much like getting better at math. I admire him greatly for taking the more difficult path. If ever he plays guitar with other musicians, he will have an intimate understanding of the terms that trained musicians use.
Maybe one day I'll tackle learning to read music, but for now, my instructor is teaching me basic music theory so that I understand the keys, the notes in each key, and the chord formations and how they all fit and work together.
Turns out that I really needed this theory; I've come to understand so much in the past 6 weeks about exactly why I have never been able to progress past a certain point in my playing.
I'm slowly adding skills to my playing that are completely based on having learned this first bit of (guitar) musical theory.
I'm excited!

Afonso said...

Great tip. Thank you!

Blogger said...

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