Sunday, October 02, 2011

Picture Post, Sunday October 2, 2011

Been a long time since I've had a Sunday Picture Post.

I used to do this every Sunday, with no shortage of photos.  I was always shooting new photos and had the time and energy to re-size the images for the blog, so, no problem having new photos to show every Sunday.

Shows just how much chronic pain can take from a person.  I've barely posted on this blog in two years.

That's two hobbies down the drain because of my ruined back and always being in pain.

A person just doesn't feel up to doing much of anything.  I know I sound like a whiner here, but if I didn't mention the pain and the problems that result, I would have nothing to say.  It has pretty much been my life the past few years.  So bear with me.

This pain pump has helped the pain some, but right now I'm just at a point where the pain pump's pain relief is about equal to all the oral pain medicine I used to take's effects.  Pain Doc and I have a ways to go yet in getting the dosage adjustments ideal for me and my life.  You have to walk the edge between how much pain you can deal with and how much you can function with morphine in you.

There's a good thing though.  A pain pump literally puts into my spine on the order of 1/100th the amount of pain medicine I once took orally.  Same pain relief, less pills to take, easier on my liver and kidneys.

Lovely Wife and I went yesterday, October 1st, for an afternoon drive.

Visited a beautiful local park, the Atlantic Ocean, and walked for a little way along 5th Avenue in Indialantic, Florida.

I had my camera, and had the first photography excursion I've had in at least a year.

I enjoyed it so much, being with my wife and seeing this beautiful area up close for the first time in way too long.  Yeah, it made my back hurt like crazy and my left leg was hurting and ended up numb, and I could barely get out of the car on my own when we got home after only a couple of hours of mostly riding.  But then I kicked back in my recliner for a while and slowly the pain lessened somewhat.

Such is a life in pain.  Gotta get up and struggle like crazy just to have a short walk and a car ride with my wife and my camera.

It was worth it though.  I was going stir crazy in the house.

I've seen many, many AMAZING sunsets in fifteen years in Florida; yesterday's was certainly one of the most beautiful.

These photos are fresh!  Less than 24 hours old as of posting time.


Marsha said...

So jealous that I was not there with y'all taking pics!!!! I wish I had a scenic place like Florida to take my pics!

Zabrinah said...

Also jealous because these pictures are amazing! They make me want to travel!


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Norma said...

Just checking in. Always enjoy your photos.

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