Monday, September 20, 2010

United States Politics - September 2010

Holy smokes, this is one screwed up country right now!

I follow what is going on in the world, and would even like to talk about some things on this blog, but it's like trying to eat a watermelon in one bite.

So I won't even really try.

I just want to say that the Obama administration is, in my opinion, ten times the disaster that George W. Bush's administration was. Bush spent ridiculous sums like a drunken sailor, but Obama makes W. Bush seem like a model of restraint and propriety.

Obama has already increased the US deficit more than all the US Presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan put together, according the the CBO, the Congressional Budget Office. And this in only eighteen months!

That alone is simply unsustainable.

These are scary times.

And that's about all I can manage to say about politics right now without having to throw up.


Leanne said...

Yea! I totally agree.

imac said...

I reckon the Worlds in a mess my friend.