Monday, July 06, 2009

The Beach Yesterday (Sunday) Evening

It's a sad reality that although I live 20 minutes from the beach (on a heavy traffic day) I can sometimes go months without seeing the ocean.

Life tends to intervene, even to someone like me who LOVES the beach.

Yesterday was the first time in several months that I had been to the beach.

It's usually pretty wavy here, but yesterday the Atlantic was more like the Gulf of Mexico.

Smooth and beautiful.

I sat and just listened for a long while, lulled into peace by the gentle lapping of the water.

I love the salty smell too.

As always, I promised myself that I wouldn't go that long ever again without going out there.

It's too beautiful an experience to take for granted. Who knows where I'll be in a year?


Hammer said...

I feel the same way about the beach. It recharges me.

I live about 100 miles away but only get out there once a year or so. I'd like to move down there.

Carina said...

No wonder you've been absent from your poor little blogs. The beach is what always inspires you.

I'm glad you were able to find a little time to visit it again.

Norma said...

Oh yes, do go more often--on behalf of the rest of us.